Edition 10

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DuoVision Song Contest 10
Entries 50
Debuting Colombia, Palau, Saudi Arabia
Returning ill check later
Withdrawing ill check later
Winner TBA
Runner Up TBA
DuoVision Song Contest
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The tenth edition of DVSC was held in Helsinki, Finland. A total of 50 countries competed, with the winner yet to be decided. There was 2 semi finals, each with 22 songs. The top 10 highest scoring songs in each semi final qualified to the grand final,along with the top 6 highest scoring countries from the ninth edition (Finland, Greenland, USA, Scotland, Romania and Norway). This leaves a total of 26 songs in the final. Ukraine, Germany,North Korea and Romania all sent returning artists. Ukraine sent LOBODA, who represented them in the Second Edition. Germany sent VVAVES, who represented Greenland and became the runner up in the Ninth Edition. North Korea sent Chung Ha, who had previously represented both South and North Korea in the 7th and 4th Editions. Romania sent Minelli, who gained an AQ spot in the Ninth Edition, coming 5th.

Semi Final 1[edit]

Running Order Country Song Artist Place Points
01 South Korea Winter Flower Younha 20th 35
02 VVAVES He Cant Dance VVAVES
03 Morocco Yallah Abir
04 Moldova Moldova Mea Valentin Uzun 22nd 9
05 Portugal Voltas Fernando Daniel 11th 66
06 Brazil Rajadao Pabllo Vittar 12th 63
07 Belarus Cyrillic Litesound 21st 26
08 Georgia HAH HA MON GOLOS Laila Bagirova
09 Iceland Gone Sylvia Erla 14th 59
10 Czechia Hypnotic Zella Day
11 Italy Ombre Cinesi Valentina Tioli
12 Bulgaria Musala Dessita, Galin 15th 59
13 Armenia Best Of Me Lucy
14 Netherlands All Night Afrojack, Ally Brooke 13th 62
15 Puerto Rico Girl Crush Boyz Noize, Rico Nasty 16th 54
16 Russia Dai Dai Lera
17 Israel Dance While You Shoot Noga Erez
18 Wales One Night Dusky Grey 19th 39
19 Kyrgyzstan KBI3 Zere 17th 54
20 Greece The Runner Foals
21 Sweden On Our Way The Royal Concept 18th 51
22 Mexico Never Let You Go Slushii

Semi Final 2[edit]

Running Order Country Song Artist Place Points
01 Ukraine Boom Boom LOBODA
02 Luxembourg Stuck On You Navajo
03 Palau Ordinary Girls Happiness 11th 60
04 Japan History Maker Dean Fujioka 19th 24
05 Saudi Arabia Cry In A Benz Zay
06 Jamaica Youre With Somebody Else Tamzene 16th 45
07 Monaco You Killed Me On The Moon BLOW
08 Colombia Presiento Aitana 21st 12
09 US Virgin Islands Whos Laughing Now Ava Max 14th 49
10 Canada What You Waiting For SOMI
11 Saint Lucia Sidelines EVAN GIIA
12 France Jusqu'au Pres Imen Es 12th 55
13 Taiwan All From Me Angela Zhang
14 Guam Fight Like A Man Angie Rose
15 Svalbard We Cant Eat Money 7 Days In Alaska 13th 50
16 Aland Islands One Mans Zelmerlow 18th 35
17 Suriname My Reflection Tally 22nd 9
18 Lithuania Figure It Out Jovani 20th 18
19 North Korea Play Chung Ha
20 American Samoa I Still Do Kiiara 17th 44
21 Switzerland Natalie Dont RAYE 15th 46
22 Belgium Watching You Lea Rue